more's table
mira med huvudet bland molnen
play without borders
skagerraks kapare
some think else
ett land som heter duga
r├Ątt upp och ner
perm & omsk
black box
a little bit of happiness
weekend residency
animation workshop


Metalic sheet, powder coating.

Plain is an attempt to capture A4 paper with the idea that did not pass, the text that was rejected and the sketch that was not as one had imagined. The A4 paper, in affective crumpled up and thrown on the floor. The paper caught in a snapshot on the way to the bin. Or maybe the paper containing the words that makes it so much more than just a piece of paper. Something that wants to take off, fly away, or maybe just escape from the A4 formats limiting frame of 310x297mm.

Plain is also a exploration with materials materials. A will to manipulate and to delude the viewer. An attempt to turn a fairly massive and heavy metal sheet to something perceived as both lighter and thinner. I want it to look like the papers will lift from the surface where they are placed when someone blows on them.